FLORA FUTURA is described by MUGLER as a “new, fresh and sparkling fragrance with an enveloping floral scent”. As the blush pink quartz bottle may suggest, this is an entirely new type of Alien – one that is divergent from the original, taking its spirit but interpreting it in an entirely new olfactory guise. This is not the Alien you are expecting but with Mugler one is to expect the unexpected and with this latest instalment, Mugler promises a counterbalance to their solar goddess – a fragrance that is more of a lunar nymph. This is Alien Flora Futura.

Flora Futura opens dewy and crisp with the zesty tones of the fingered citron. It has a mouthwatering freshness to it, with lots of bubble and shimmer. The biggest thing one notices though, is just how subtle the impression is. Alien is well known for being a powerhouse – it is literally powered by 1000 exploding suns however, Flora Futura on the other hand is surprisingly quiet. It’s a peaceful and calm fragrance that contemplates rather than dominates.

It’s magnificent. Very possibly Mugler’s best Alien flanker so far. It does have Alien DNA but it’s so beautiful it deserves its own title. The bottle is charming, but Flora Futura could also be comfortable in Aura’s bottle. I have some perfumes with the intoxicating smell of cactus flowers, but, I must say, Mugler’s captures this mesmerizing aroma better than anybody else.  If you love cactus flowers, do NOT miss this scent. On my skin this smells extremely similar to Mugler Aura, but with a stronger white flower accord.

The top notes, named “crackling revelation” feature hand of Buddha accord – little tree that gives fresh, crispy and sparkling notes.

“Flower Revelation” is in the heart where Queen of the night replaces jasmine as a unique flower that blossoms out of a cactus at night.

The base presents “Creamy Revelation” with white amber and sandalwood.


Alien Flora Futura is available as a 30 and 60 ml Eau de Toilette.



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