Chloe Nomade perfume is advertised by beautiful actress Ariane Labed and created by famous perfumer Quentin Bisch. The design of the perfume inspires simplicity and naturalness, being a perfect perfume for the summer days.

I’ve had the original one for so long at it has been one of my favourites! I saw this and fell in love instantly! I got so many compliments and people asking which perfume I’m wearing! I suggest you try/buy it because this smells so good. I wasn’t expecting to be too crazy about this product but I was presently surprised. Smells fresh but floral and sweet. It is kind of an oriental floral that dries to a slightly vanilla musky scent, but maintains its feminine quality, and it is also not overly strong.

I’m giving this 5 stars because its the perfect fresh but intoxicating scent that I can’t stop taking in. Its light and floral scent leaves me wanting more. Its a scent I can wear to work or out for a hot summer day…. this is great for all ages! I’m in my late 20’s and I think its great for myself or even my mother.  You definitely can’t go wrong with this!

Chloe Nomade belongs to the floral chypre fragrance family. Chypre scents are a beautiful concoction of woody, floral and fruity notes. These fragrances often have citrus top notes, which are especially noticeable in the Chloe Nomade perfume. The perfume comes in a minimalist bottle looks like the label’s half-moon-shaped Drew shoulder bag that was virtually everywhere topped with a gold cap and a blush suede ribbon.


TOP NOTES: Mirabelle plum liquor, lemon, bergamot, orange

MIDDLE NOTES: Freesia, peach,j asmine, rose

BASE NOTES: Oakmoss,amber wood, patchouli, sandalwood,white musk

Chloe Nomade has 5-10 hour longevity.

This fragrance is poised to become a favorite in anyone’s perfume collection. I have ordered mine on

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Chloe Nomade is available in 30, 50 and 75ml Eau de Parfum

If you love Chloe brand as much as I do here you can find the whole offer of Chloe fragrances :




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